Windows 10 Nov update; stuck at black screen.

In summary;

I have installed Windows 10 Nov update (Buld 10586 / Threshold 2) to Dell Inspiron 11 3147 a few days ago. It was working fine except Cygwin. And then it stuck at black screen after Dell logo before login screen at start up. To make it work again, I had to disable "Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode driver Framework" service.
The service sounds like important/necessary service, and so hopefully Microsoft fix it soon...

[Edit 22/Nov]
I was wondering why it was working fine a few days after update. And I found Windows Update "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3118754)" caused the problem. If KB3118754 is uninstalled, it works fine with the service enabled.

[Edit 23/Nov]
It happened again. Disable the service seems to be better workaround.

[Edit 25/Nov]
As in a comment, it needs just touch a screen, then Windows continues booting.

Long story;

Soon after installed Windows 10 Nov update, I noticed that Cygwin stopped working on my Dell Inspiron 11 3147. But Windows was working fine other than that for a few days. When I got a time to investigate Cygwin problem, I rebooted the pc and it stuck at black screen before login screen. It won't go any further.

Get into safe mode

When it stuck at black screen, there was no mouse cursor. I pressed Windows+p to see external display settings, but nothing happened. I actually connected an external display but it only showed black screen too. And so I had to force shutdown it by pressing power button until LED turned on and then off again.
Because it won't boot into Windows, it needs an install media to boot into Safe mode. But I accidentally found the following way.

  • Press F12 to get into Boot options and launch Diagnostics.
  • Let it run a while just in case, but you can cancel it memory test.
  • Exit Diagnostics. (Then it automatically reboots.)
  • Somehow Windows detects a boot problem and you can get into advanced start-up screen.

Disable service

It seemed to be working okay in safe mode. So I guessed the problem was caused by a software. To find a cause, run msconfig.exe, open Services tab and enable services little by little. And finally I found that "Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode driver Framework" service caused the problem.

Clean install

It could be a problem of software combination/conflict and so I clean installed Windows 10 Nov update to confirm it. It installed without a problem, and worked fine for a while but the same problem happened after a few reboot. I did not install any additional software but applied Windows Updates.

So far so good

With the service disabled, I installed my everyday software (anti-virus, Cygwin, Chrome, VLC, Xkeymacs, etc.) and all work fine so far.

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  1. Have the same problem, after install the 1511 upgrade. In my case, if I touch the screen then it would continue to load and get to the logon screen.

    1. Thank you for the info. And you are right! It just needs one simple touch!!
      I spent hours and hours for this problem...

    2. So someone posted that if you uninstall Dell Touchpad then it boots fine. You can try it and see. Of course without the driver, it's not really usable.

    3. Thanks again. If I have a chance or get it back from my family, I will check it.

  2. Just to let your know, Dell just released a new Touchpad driver which fixes the problem.

  3. I just installed the driver and so far so good... Thanks.